Download SMISH and checkout the food available in your local community or put one up for sell!


SMISH is a community food sharing mobile app for food lovers. The app allows those who love cooking to share and sell their food creation, and those who simply love wonderful food to explore food in their local community.

Our Vision:
"To foster the sense of community and explore culture through the love of food"



Step 1 - List
List your food creation on SMISH that you would like to share and sell your local community

Step 2 - Create
Create the meal when the minimum order that you have specified for the listing is reached

Step 3 - Exchange
All that is left is get to know your community and exchange through pickup of the food your foodie fans have ordered!



Step 1 - Explore
Browse through SMISH app to explore food listed in your local community

Step 2 - Order
Place an order for the food that you want to have. When minimum number of order is achieved, the chef will be activated to create the food

Step 3 - Exchange
All that is left is get to know your community and exchange through pickup of the food you have ordered!


Share food with or buy food from your colleagues or people around your office block.


Get to know your community through sharing your home-cook meals or buying home-cook meals from your neighbourhood.

Chef - Love COOKING!

Do you cook and would like to make a bit of money sharing your masterpiece with your colleague or those that may be interested in your block?

Looking for an opportunity to get to know people in your neighbourhood? Cooking something special that you would like to share with your community?


Foodie - Love FOOD!

Looking for some health home-cook meals to have for lunch at work?

Looking for an opportunity to get to know people in your neighbourhood? Perhaps you're interested in some really good home-cook meals for dinner and don't really want to cook tonight.



"SMISH, getting to know your community and explore culture through the love of food"

We always crave for food that are not available on the typical 30 item menu in restaurants. We also understand that many migrants struggle to integrate fully into a new community.

Together we thought what better than to combine these two things and bring people together through a love of food. Creating the app that is to not only give foodies access to delicious dishes, but to connect communities and absorb in the rich culture.


"SMISH, a manifestation from a singular ginormous world changing twist of event!"

Well, the story isn't as dramatic, but certainly equality as exciting if you're a food lover! SMISH came from a combination of years of frustration and many stories of friends and family wanting to share and crave for delicious food. We come from families centres conversation around food.

Talk about how it all started
- Live in the community not getting to know each other
- Food that smells so good when you are walking around the neighbourhood
- Small of food that you are so familiar with but can't buy them anywhere in the restaurant
At the office, colleagues bring in really nice home-cook meals. Seeing colleagues selling food
FOOD! That's the solution to solve the world's social problem! That's the SECRET FORMULA!

Story 1
- Worked in the office
- Colleague cooked really nice food
- Other colleague started asking whether she could make more and sell it to them when she makes them
- Asked if she was selling it to other people as well and was told that she would if she could reach out to more people who are interested

Story 2
- Brother-in-law's mother migrated over to New Zealand.
- Couldn't really socialise the people in the neighbourhood because of language barrier but cooks really authentic food and love to share it with people.
- Wouldn't it be good idea to bring the community together through the love of food.

Story 3
- Walking around the neighbourhood in the early evening.
- Could smell people around the neighbourhood cooking really nice smelling food that brings back childhood memories of food that I haven't had for a long time.
- Wishing that I could get in touch with them and ask if they would make extra for sell.

Story 4
- Working in the same office
- Same food around the office
- Lazy to cook and bring lunch
- Wishing I could get some home cook meals

Story 5
- Worked in Switzerland
- Craving for the food that couldn't be found in any restaurant in Switzerland
- Travelled 2 hours to Germany to buy them
- Surely there's someone there in the community that could cook that food.

Story 6
- Work colleague have got kids with severe allergies to specific food.
- One can't have diary, one can't have eggs, one can't have peanuts.
- Have to cook three different meals daily to ensure they do not get an allergy breakout
- Always worried about taking their kids out for a meal or ordering take outs.
- Wouldn't it be nice to be able to buy food from community with the same allergies and cooking their own meals.

Birth of Idea

October 21, 2015

Birth of Idea

Need identified. Idea was put down on paper.


March 21, 2016


Childhood friends Allen and Daniel came together to work on the idea

SMISH born!

July 4, 2016

SMISH born!

SMISH officially started. App commence development.


February 7, 2017


Officially launched SMISH in Christchurch, New Zealand

KUCHING! We’re now on SMISH!

April 18, 2017

KUCHING! We’re now on SMISH!


Q. Am I a foodie or a chef?
You decide! If you love food and love to cook and share your culinary creations, then you're both!


Q. How do I make payment for the food that I have ordered through SMISH?
Payment is made directly to the chef during pickup of your order. SMISH does not at this point provide a payment handling.


Q. Do I need to be registered with food safety?
Regulations are different in each country around food safely. As a foodie yourself, if it important that you also ensure that all your food creations are prepared in clean environment and stored appropriately for other foodies. Please check with your local authority for more information.

Q. How much does it cost to put up a listing of my food creation?
Listing is FREE for up to 5 meals per listing. A small fee of USD1 for listing of more than 5 portions or for multiple active listings.




As a food lover, I crave for food that are not available on the typical 30 item menu in the local restaurants. I can also relate to the many international migrants that can enrich the community with their food. Unfortunately many of those migrants struggle to integrate into the community. What better than to combine these two passions by bringing people together through the love of food.

What keeps me awake at night and gets me up energetic in the morning, is knowing that I have the opportunity take this idea and translate it into a real world application that will have an impact on our community.




I started my career as a research medical physicist but soon discover the inefficiency of academia bureaucracy and politics. I decided I could better contribute to the society by utilizing my skills to develop mobile apps. I have developed general utilitarian applications, and also specialist applications . I gain great satisfaction from successful app release and the knowledge of how my apps can help others.

I wanted to have this app myself and got similar responses when talking to others. I believe this app will benefit others like myself, not only to satisfy their salivatory needs but also for them to connect to their surrounding community.